Wtf?! Why are people so retarded? Why stupid unknown man have to slap my ass?! I look like slut or what?!

taykrey said: Máš super blog! :)

Jeho :3 Dakujem velmi pekne ♥ Konečne dalsi clovek zo Slovenska !

I’m so sad. So disappointed. So unhappy. I feel so bad. Still tired. Ugly, pain, full of hate. Tears… I still feel my tears. I just don’t want to be here. escape to my demon. Escape from this world. I want to be alone. Live away. Away from this sadness. Please God, give me peacefull life. Please. 

disillusioned-mirror said: Your blog is absolutely stunning! I'm a huge fan!

Awww :3 thank you so much  *fell in love with u* ♥_♥

Anonymous said: You spelt 'unknown' wrong in your bio. Just to let you know....

Thank you so much. You know my English is not so good ;3